Genuine Jersey

Valley Foods has been at the forefront of developing and supporting the local Jersey Angus beef production in Jersey as the company’s ethos is to support Island producers and to use quality fresh produce in its products.

Valley Foods also works closely with other Jersey producers and fisherman to source the fresh products for its recipes. There is also an on-site butchery department at La Solitude Farm to produce the range of Jersey Angus burgers and cuts of meat.

We have been a Genuine Jersey member for many years.

About Genuine Jersey

Genuine Jersey was founded in 2001 by a group of producers who saw value in offering shoppers distinct and unique local goods. The Association was formed to celebrate local artisans, farmers, bakers, growers and craftsmen, ensuring that their products can be easily recognised as being made in Jersey through the Genuine Jersey brand. The distinctive logo can be found only on members’ produce as a symbol and guarantee of local provenance.  

Jersey may only cover 45 square miles but its most famous produce – Jersey Royal new potatoes, tomatoes and dairy products – have enjoyed an enviable reputation for generations. While some members ensure the survival of Jersey’s heritage and traditions, others are at the forefront of introducing pioneering farming methods, new crops or exploring previously untapped international markets. For such a small community, there is not only an abundance of unique seasonal produce, but also a wealth of talent which the Association looks to share. 

Today the Genuine Jersey Products Association plays a part in educating local people and visitors about the benefits of buying local about the range and diversity of seasonal produce on offer. We also sponsor local competitions and educational initiatives in Island schools. Through subscriptions and a grant from the States of Jersey, Genuine Jersey promotes its brand and members both on and off Island, promoting sustainability, innovation in the land use and the tourism sector.

Reared. Caught. Grown. Made.

Over the years, the products which bear the Genuine Jersey hallmark have become even more diverse. Our membership now includes dairy and farm produce, fish and shellfish, sweet treats, beverages, arts and crafts, flowers, plants and jewellery. It is a celebration of the best in Jersey that has been either reared, caught, grown or made on Island. Whilst many of our celebrated products can be found in local supermarkets you can also search out Genuine Jersey produce on roadside stalls, farm shops, galleries, online craft sites and retail outlets. For details please visit our ‘Find produce’ or ‘Buy-online’ pages.

Search out the symbol. Buy local.

As well as supporting home-grown talent, when Islanders and visitors buy produce and products bearing the Genuine Jersey mark they can do so in the knowledge that they are also supporting local jobs and boosting the Island’s economy. By buying local we are all doing our part to mitigate the adverse effects of global warming, reducing the Island’s carbon footprint through a reduction of imported goods. Today the distinctive Genuine Jersey mark is regarded as a byword for the best the Island has to offer – look out for it before you buy!

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